About Me

My name is Hadas Spektor and I am a digital marketer. By mapping-out online customer journeys and guiding users through them I help companies get found and adopted by the right audiences, at scale.

I’ve been in online marketing professionally for over 6 years. Working as a content marketing consultant for small businesses and then as an in-house user acquisition specialist for large and small tech start-ups, first in my home country of Israel then in New York and now in London.

Before working as a digital marketer I spent 3 years studying online user behavior as part of my Masters degree thesis in Economics in which I researched social influence on social networking sites.

What specifically do I do?

  • Formulate acquisition strategies and tactics
  • Build user funnels (customer journeys)
  • Manage direct response marketing campaigns
  • Perform in-depth analysis of paid and organic results
  • Develop Content Marketing strategies (for both branding and acquisition)
  • Direct SEO activity
  • Refine retention efforts (email marketing, in-app messaging and fan page community management)

Why did I open this blog?

Because I have something to say about the future of online marketing, the present, the people, the tools and more and I’d love to have discussions on any of these subjects with you. So if you read anything that you feel you can contribute to, elaborate on or completely contradict, please comment or contact me here.