About Me

My name is Hadas Spektor and I’m an experienced growth strategist, passionate about helping the people behind innovative B2C and B2B startups and SMBs shape their futures.

I apply a data-informed approach to business insights as well as work processes, spending the last decade effectively formulating and scaling revenue-generating strategic initiatives that have improved customer experience and product adoption across multiple brands and industries.

I started out in 2009 as a content marketer, working with small to medium businesses on improving their online presence across websites, newsletters and social media. Since then, my toolbox has expanded to include skills in the domains of digital marketing, analytics and business P&L management. 

Today I consult purpose-driven startups and non-profit organization across my 3 key domains of expertise (business, marketing, analytics), working with founders, CEOs and their teams on making their company visions a reality.

Why did I open this blog?

Because I have something to say about digital marketing, innovation and business growth and I’d love to have discussions on any of these topics with people as passionate about them as I am. So if you read anything that you feel you can contribute to, elaborate on or completely contradict, please comment or contact me here.